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Vulpen Borghese 4810 medium

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Vulpen Scipione Borghese 4810 Limited Edition
€ 2440,00


Nieuwste editie in de collectie Scipione Borghese in de gelimiteerde oplage van 4810 stuks wereldwijd.

Genummerde oplage van topniveau, niet voor niets worden er maar 4810 van gemaakt.

Launch april 2017.

Captop black and white precious resin with the emblem of Montblanc inspiredby Scipione Borghese his cardinal's hat.

Clip represents the colossal old trees of the landscape garden at Villa Borghese and is adorned with a brown smoky quartz (Approx 0.7ct, medium colour) in "waterdrop shape".

Body in granite is inspired by the multi-colored marble floor inside Villa Borghese.

Handcrafted Au750 Solid Gold nib, in stock with medium or fine nib only.

Ident No: 115972 Fine or 115973 Medium

Limited stock.